+ Brand Creation

Creating a Brand that Customer can relate to is a crucial part in building successfull Businesses. Furthermore, Touchpoints need - whether digital or analog - a coherent and unique Identity in order to stay memorable and trustworthy.

Brand Identity / Corporate Identity / Logo Design / Purpose, Mission, Vision / Ideation

+ Brand Strategy

Following up on Trends and Future Customer Behaviour is Key for maintaining Success of a Brand. Translating these Findings into real-life practicable Brand Strategies allows us to create sustainable Value and competitive Advantages.

Brand Guidelines / Positioning / Trend Forecast

+ Design for Branded Spaces

We remain social Creatures - and such as the Digital can enhance, it can never replace physical Experiences. Infused with artistry and unexpected Depth, the adaptable and ubiquitious physical Presence of a Brand enables it to tap into Psychology that informs our Longing for experiential and tactile Stimuli - whether it is in a Retail Store, a Restaurant, an Office or an Event.

Spatial Marketing  / Design for Branded Spaces / Retail Design / Event Design / Office Design / Brand Experience / Interior Design

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